Repairing vs Replacing a Windshield

Repairing vs Replacing a Windshield

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Has the windshield on your Jeep Grand Cherokee or Ford Explorer recently been damaged? Maybe a rock came flying on the trail and damaged the windshield of your Jeep Wrangler. Or perhaps you simply came out to your Honda Civic one day and noticed a crack in your windshield. Whatever the case is, you're probably wondering if you can get your windshield repaired or if you need a whole new windshield. Down below we're going to go over the different factors that will determine if your windshield needs to be replaced or if it can be fixed.

What determines if a windshield needs to be replaced or repaired?

Safety is always going to be the biggest factor in determining if your windshield needs to be replaced or if it can be repaired. In most instances, it is not dangerous to drive with a broken windshield for a short period of time. This means you'll be able to drive over to our Rouen Collision Center in Perrysburg so one of our techs can get your vehicle in tip-top shape again. Your windshield is a crucial to the structural integrity of your vehicle, which means it can not provide the same level of protection if you were to get into a collision when it is broken.
If the scratch or crack to your windshield is within your line of sight while you are driving it is recommended to have the entire windshield replaced. Visibility is vital when driving a vehicle, and having a windshield that obstructs your view is incredibly dangerous.

The National Windshield Repair Association sets the standard on what crack or chip can be fixed and publishes that specification in the Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standard guide. The guide currently states cracks as long as 12 to 14 inches in length can be fixed safely. The guide also states chips up to 1-inch in diameter can be fixed.
Where your chip or crack is on your windshield also determines whether it needs to be replaced or repaired. If your crack or chip is near the edge or corner of your windshield one of our techs is going to recommend you replace the entire windshield. We recommend replacing the windshield because that crack or chip will most likely worsen and become larger as you continue to drive with it.

Windshield Repair in Perrysburg, OH

Whether you need your windshield replaced entirely or the damage is small enough that it can be repaired, we here at Rouen Collision Center are here to help! If whatever caused the damage to your windshield also caused damage to the roof, hood, or another part of your vehicle, we can fix that damage as well. Our collision center can handle paint chips, dents, and more all so your vehicle can look like new again! To schedule an appointment with us today, please click here.

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